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LED lamps from LED’s CHANGE THE WORLD are more than just a small investment in lower energy costs – they are also a major investment in global responsibility.

Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities under strict environmental constraints. The LED lamps consume far less energy and are thus considerably more effective than light bulbs. Fewer resources are consumed in production than for compact fluorescent lamps, and LEDs contain no poisonous materials.

Everyone can do something – and so can we. Our claim to reduce CO2 emissions by selling LED lamps is supported by the other initiatives we assist. We work with rainforest protection foundation OroVerde, our donations securing one square metre of tropical rainforest for every lamp sold. Since we founded the company five years ago, these donations have allowed more than 1 million square metres of rainforest to be protected or reforested. This has been and continues to be possible only through the loyalty of our customers. You can be proud of this – we are!

Responsibility includes thinking early on about the later disposal of the lamps. At an average of three hours use per day, your new LED lamps will be due for disposal in around 14-20 years. We have partnered with disposal partner ZENTEK, which – in collaboration with the EAR Foundation (Germany’s national register for waste electric equipment) – guarantees the professional disposal of our LED lamps. PLEASE don’t throw LED lamps in household waste. An LED lamp is an electrical component containing many valuable raw materials that need to be recycled. PLEASE take your old LED lamps to your local or mobile recycling centre. Protecting resources begins with reusing raw materials.

Do you have questions about our commitment to nature and people? Or would you like to get actively involved yourself and support our projects? Or maybe you have a suggestion for who we can help together, and how. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Rainforest projects in Guatemala

We are ORO VERDE partners

The purchase of clear-cut areas of the Naranjitos rainforest in Guatemala has now been completed, not least through the help of our customers. Donations will now go toward biomonitoring, supervision of the region (ranger), and reafforestation. We all want the changes to be sustainable in the long-term, after all! Fully in line with our vision: LED(T)’s CHANGE THE WORLD.

Stay loyal: With every lamp purchased, you’re contributing to protecting our climate!

Commitment through DESWOS

Self-help projects for better living and a better life around the world

Provide a humane home for needy people in Asia, Africa and Latin America, assistance in securing their livelihood and opportunities for development. This is the mission of DESWOS, the specialist organization for cooperative housing development.

We make a valuable contribution

Since 2015, LED’s CHANGE THE WORLD GmbH has been supporting the projects of DESWOS (Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe für soziales Wohnungs- und Siedlungswesen e.V. – German development assistance association for social housing and settlements) as a member and sponsor. Through DESWOS, we are expanding and affirming our socially responsible approach. With our membership fees and donations, we support the social and economic development of the people in DESWOS projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We are helping!

Through our membership fees and donations, we support the construction of houses, kindergartens, schools and community centers. We enable children to go to school and young people to learn a trade. We create jobs and income through small businesses. In the agricultural sector, we sponsor economically and socially disadvantaged people, ensuring they have clean drinking water, improved hygiene and health.