• History

Start-up. Growth. Success.

Our development.

In 2011, we started LED’s CHANGE THE WORLD GmbH, based in Germany, with three founding members, all LED technology enthusiasts. Our company’s existence in the hectic LED world has been something special ever since. Remaining true to our philosophy of the very best quality, we have worked from the start with one of the global leaders in the LED field: Sengled. Over the years, we have built up close working relationships inside Sengled, and receive optimal support. Today, of course, we also carry products from other producers.

At the start, we focused on the consumer market. Sales were mainly via our online shop and the specialist trade. But our interest in a more far-reaching consultancy approach and direct customer contact coupled with increasing demand for lighting concepts and advice convinced us to start supplying the B2B market as well. In this way, we are best able to put our enthusiasm to use and realize our ideas.

In 2015, we moved into our larger distribution centre. Königswinter’s central location close to Bonn in Germany was pivotal in deciding on the site. Our founders also have their own roots in the Rhine region.

Our company has gone through exceptional growth in recent years and today we employ a large number of extremely skilled lighting consultants and LED specialists. Our business partners appreciate our expertise and the quality of our advice, our products and our reliability.

In looking at the life of our company, we also have to take into account the development of our consultants and employees and the years they have spent in the lighting and LED industry. In total, they bring to the business an exceptionally high level of competence and experience gathered over many, many successful years.

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