• Philosophy

Vision. Business. Company.

Our philosophy.

LED’s CHANGE THE WORLD. This play on words is at once our vision and the name of our company. Within the sphere of our influence, we want to make the world a little bit better. With an innovative technology manufactured in fair conditions and with great emphasis on design and quality criteria: LED luminaires that create perfect individual lighting scenarios at value-for-money prices, with up to 80% lower energy consumption.

After many years experience in the development and production of LED lamps, our enthusiasm for LED technology is what brought us together. From the very first moment, we were convinced that this technology would revolutionize the lighting world. The LED opens up unlimited fields of application with unprecedented efficiency and safety.

And we are sticking unswervingly to our chosen path:

Economical: Our distribution channels lead directly from manufacturer Sengled to us.

Up to date: We support the LED trade with innovative products and attractive prices.

Lean: Our organisation is results oriented. We have no large-scale publicity and work with a limited marketing budget and a small but highly professional sales team.

Safe: We only offer LED lamps that have been developed with the customer in mind and that are technologically sophisticated. Modern technology in uncompromising quality.

Manageable: With us, you will find a sensible range of available lamps and luminaires. We have already carried out the necessary comparisons and selected the best lamps for you.


Sustainability is not just a word for us. Our products save energy and are more durable and sustainable than any other lighting technology. Beyond that, we are also dedicated to various projects that concretely work toward creating a better life for humans and better conditions for the natural world.